27 May 2008

going to boot ubuntu externally

I'm going to boot the NEC versa premium Pentium 3 by taking the HDD away from the casing and install it. Because in some how my notebook won't post the CMOS. This is really annoy me. Help me please.

26 May 2008

Change Ubuntu to Xubuntu

Here is the simple step to change your ubuntu packages to the others distros available. use the terminal

Ubuntu to Xubuntu:

sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop
sudo apt-get remove xubuntu desktop
sudo apt-get autoremove

credit : click here

using ubuntu

i'm finish with the ubuntu 8.04, pergghh very hard after 5 tries I manage to installed. the problem occurs when the boot is not loading well. And then I take a 30min rest to relax and figure out what is happening to the system. Ouch! that only what I can say, why? because the system is heating way to much. I want to try the melayubuntu trick about how to decrease the heat from the machine.

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24 May 2008

I found something to watch..

for malaysian go to this link....


from what I can see is the blog is very nice..i can watch everything directly from there..hahahaha..
enjoy everybody



huhuh...very bad day...headache coming...not enough sleep...

20 May 2008

testing for the first post

testing...first time using blogger. I just wanna know the best part of blogger and want to try the feature on google blogspot. Thats all for today