17 June 2011

Axel Download Accelerator for Windows

Recently I noticed that some blogger are making entry about this tools. So I decided to give a shot. But really sadly, I can’t managed to get any download file using this tools. For you information, Axel is like other download accelerator available on market, but it’s tailored for Linux user. This tools has been compile geniusly to make it run smooth on Windows.

However, my first time try did not success. So, later than I kept my screenshot here for further of you can make some troubleshooting for me.

axel error

Server unsupported, starting from scratch with one connection. Error opening local file. When download started, it just finished with 0% and did not successful.

Please, do enlighten me. Please give me some hint. Really curios to see Axel working like charm. No money to buy popular premium Internet Download Manager software.

via : http://c0rni3sm.blogspot.com/2011/06/axel-accelarator-for-windows.html Thumbs up

credit: ghauntley and ~n2j3 for the awesome ideas on Axel for Windows.