21 November 2008

Gmail Themes

Bored with your old Gmail theme..try new... I found on Google site that most of the themes was developed by Google, only three themes was designed by external artists; Phantasea Renewal was designed by Matthew Ferreira, Summer Ocean by Jim Honeycutt, and Cherry Blossom by Vania Sofandi. What I can say is " I liked it" bling bling my inbox.

19 November 2008

WBB won't alright

Malaysia ppl, please..try access your WBB account directly w/o using any proxy, I'm facing problem with the new IP 115.xxx.xxx.xxx. Anyone help me please. Read this about what WBB said : click here

17 November 2008

Friendster friends list is missing

don't worry people. this won't go for long enough, it just some temporary maintenance. I followed the friendster team forum post about this. So this what i got...
We're aware of the problem that some users are having with missing friends. We experienced a major power outage the other day, that we're still recovering from.

We are actively working on resolving the problem with missing friends. Rest assured that no friends have actually been lost -- even though it may appear so on the website! The problem should be fixed within the next 24 hours. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Friendster Team

everything will be fine...