26 November 2011

My Samsung Galaxy S2

Ini adalah status terkini mengenai kadar penggunaan battery untuk SGS2 aku. Dah guna handset SGS2 untuk sebulan. Alhamdullillah. Cuma belum lagi di optimasikan internet untuk sepenuh penggunaan lagi. Masih menggunakan WIFI dan belum menggunakan sebarang pakej data dari telco Etisalat Egypt.
Light usage. I got my screen time about 4 hours. Only for some facebook online. Checking some news feed. Tweeting not so much, but I still replying some tweet from you. Using whatsapp viber. But sadly, no data and account are sync manually.

22 November 2011

Testing liveblogging

This is my first post entry from android device. Just want to make sure everything work fine before I gi further more.

Hope with this I will able to make more post with some great niches and info.

Keep in touch and I will try my best.

Thanks for viewing this articles. Happy blogging peeps.