09 July 2009

Barn Buddy, IMPORTANT CHANGES to earning XP by planting bugs and weeds

For all facebook user, if you installed the Barn Buddy application please take noted that they were upgrading the application to prevent fake facebook user, and to avoid team playing.

The good news: We're REMOVING the daily limit for earning XP!

The bad news: You can add only up to 3 bugs or weeds to any plant PER STAGE.

This change will discourage some players from violating Facebook's terms which disallow the creation of fake and/or multiple accounts. (Report fake profiles here)

== WHY? ==

In the past, some players used multiple Facebook accounts or worked in groups with the purpose of maxing out their daily XP limit.

They would plant bugs and weeds, then have the other account or friends remove them again straight away. Then they did this back and forth until they reached the daily limit of XP that we imposed to limit the impact of this tactic.


For any plant, you can add up to 3 weeds and/or 3 bugs per growth stage.

You can add up to 12 weeds to any single-harvest plant, as you can add weeds in the first four growth stages.

You can add up to 6 bugs to any single-harvest plant, as you can add bugs in the last two growth stages.

Thus, you can add up to 18 weeds and 12 bugs to double-harvest plants and up to 24 weeds and 18 bugs to triple-harvest plants.
Markus Weichselbaum (San Francisco, CA)

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