16 June 2010

Vuvuzela is annoying

-Vuvuzela from Wikipedia
-Nice tutorial on how to remove Vuvuzela sound. Vuvuzela-Filter
-Simple Software Can Filter Out That Vuvuzela Whine from World Cup via Gizmodo.
-Vuvuzela or Jabulani make your choice, which one should be banned.

vuvuzela Pictures, Images and Photos
via CarlesX7

Really annoying noise, for me. Hope I could enjoy the game without bee-sound-like. It just BUZZzzy sound over your ears. I willing for more chants and cheers sound from the supporters. But maybe we should keep open with Sepp Blater "FIFA will Not Ban The Vuvuzela at World Cup Finals" option by respecting African culture style. By how they enjoy their game with Vuvuzela.

p/s : use earplug instead. ;)

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