23 January 2012

[KERNEL][update] SpeedMod SGS2

This my best kernel ever I use on my Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100.

The latest version is K2-20
- CPU hotplug and frequency scaling adjustments
- GPU frequency scaling adjustments
- FUSE module included

- Updated compiler options
- PREEMPT mode
- CPU hotplug changes
- Enabled KALLSYMS_ALL for Voodoo Louder and Tegrak OC compatibility
- Updated scheduler tweaks
- Disabled AFTR cpuidle mode
- Slightly more aggressive GPU DVFS speed increase
- GPU base clock set to 167MHz instead of 160MHz
- Disabled some more debug logging in the kernel

for first time user, please select ODIN version. Flash via ODIN. or for easy method use CWM version instead. I suggest you come from a fresh clean stock ROM. 

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